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Universal coupling bogie “Dolly”

We care about our customers and do our best to help them to use their transport recourses in the most efficient and economical way. We offer a trailer – coupling bogie DOLLY equipped with a saddle and draft pole supposed to get a truck or trailer and semitrailer coupled.



Common description

King pin height, mm
1 000
Own weight, kg
2 300
Gross weight, kg
18 000
Maximum permissible load per axle, kg
3 x 9 000
Maximum load-carrying capacity, kg
15 700
External dimensions, mm:
4 627 – 5 277
2 550
Distance from the coupling eye to the front axle, mm                         
2 665 – 3 315
Wheel base, mm
1 310
Track, mm              
2 040

Standard specification:

reinforced, welded, steel St.52-3N
King pin:
JOST 150 mm
BPW DK 90/20
Draw bar:
VBG, Ø 57,5 mm
Front supporting leg:
1 pcs., HAACON
Axles with air suspension:
2 pcs, BPW , 9t, drum brakes
BRIDGESTONE (4 pc.); 435/50R19,5
PVC, PARLOK, 4 pcs.
Brakes system:
+ elevating-lowering unit
Parking brake:
spring brake
Electric equipment:
ASPOCK, according to ADR
Sandblasting, priming:
ISO standard
double-component  polyurethane paint

For further information contact us ph. (+371) 67241157 or e-mail transserviss@mono.lv
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